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Board Members

  • Dian Bietel

  • Evan Burdette

  • Anna Bush

  • Bettie Champion

  • Theresa Davidson

  • Charles McLeod

  • Tara McCook

  • Bethany Metzger

  • Bryant Olson

  • Renee Paul

  • Forrest Raley

  • Janine Stebbins

  • Tim Wicker



  • Chance Hall, President

  • Karen Green, Vice President, Membership

  • Michelle Rogers, Vice President, Marketing

  • Mary Parker Raley, Recording Secretary

  • Susan Thomas, Corresponding Secretary

  • Julie Hoagland, Treasurer


  • Public Relations

  • Marketing

  • Social Media/Technology

  • Membership

  • Welcome

  • Yard of Month

  • Public Safety/Government Affairs

  • Historic Preservation /Mobile Historic Development Commission

  • Special Events

If you would like to become a board member or volunteer on an ODWA committee, please send an email to

1. Board members are responsible for attending monthly board meetings to plan monthly, review finances, and provide updates on committee activities.

2. Board members serve on various committees.

3. Board members participate in organization activities and other community related meetings.

We are working closely with the City of Mobile and other historic districts in community development processes.  It's an exciting time for Midtown Mobile and The Old Dauphin Way Association.  Come help to make a difference.

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