ODWA MEMBERSHIP is open to all residents and businesses of the Old Dauphin Way Historic District. To join click here.
Not sure you're a resident?
Click here for MHDC's ODWA map in PDF form.
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Mark Your Calendars
Invitations are not out yet, but we have reason to believe everyone in District 2 will be invited to Councilman Manzie's Christmas Party at VIA on December 3 from 6 to 8 PM.

Next General Meeting -
January 14 - Details soon

Yard Sale Date Announced
Next year's will take place on Saturday, March 5. This is a fun way to show off our
district as well as giving ODWA members a chance to clean out their attics and
make some money.

You hold your own sale at your own home.ODWA helps with the advertizing and
makes a map of participants available - it's that easy. To take part,  and fill out
the sale form when you pay your dues in January. More details soon.

New Orleans Trip Canceled
We did not receive enough responses to make the bus rental viable, so this event
has been canceled.

If you have sent in money, Felix will destroy or return your check as you prefer. Contact him at  jfelix1750@gmail.com.